Agency Law in Denmark

Implementing legislation

Law no. 272 of 2.5.1990.

Proper notice

  • 1 month if less than or equal to 1 year;
  • 2 months if more than 1 year and less than or equal to 2 years;
  • 3 months if more than 2 years and less than or equal to 3 years;
  • 4 months if more than 3 years and less than or equal to 4 years;
  • 5 months if more than 4 years and less than or equal to 5 years;
  • 6 months if more than 5 years.

Indemnity or compensation or both


Calculation of indemnity/compensation

Capped at a maximum of the average annual commission over last 5 years or, if less than 5 years, over duration of agency.

Pre-termination commission


Post-termination commission


Back commission


Other entitlements

Right to inspect principal’s books. wishes to thank Norsker & Jacoby of Copenhagen for its contribution to this page.


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